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RV Awning Installation and Repair

Awnings are a central feature of any RV that provide additional livable space while serving as protection from the sunlight or rain. There is no shortage of awning styles and accessories to choose from. Regardless of the type of RV awning you select, Designer Coachworks can assist with its installation, maintenance and repair.

Power Awnings

Power awnings provide easy deployment and retraction with the push of a button. Height is automatically set and pitch is easily controlled. Over time you may discover your electric sensor is starting to act finicky. We can diagnose and correct any problem your motorized awning is giving you.

Standard Awnings

Nowadays, standard awnings are easier than ever to assemble, but only when properly affixed to your RV. With lightweight supporting arms, improved gear mechanisms, and various options for weather resistance, you no longer have to stress about setting up your awning upon arrival. Standard (or conventional) awnings leave the fabric and roller tube assembly exposed when not in use. These awnings are subject to additional stress while driving in windy conditions; this can lead to eventual travel lock failure.

Pull Out Box Awnings

Box awnings can be manually wound or 12V operated. They are fully contained within an aluminum casing when not in use. Over time, you may run into problems with closure or alignment issues. If problems occur, Designer Coachworks can help.

Slide Out Awnings

If your RV has a slide out, an extendable awning is the perfect way to prevent debris from entering the RV while minimizing heat intake during those long August days. We’ll ensure the roller, mounting brackets, wind deflector and awning rail are properly installed for maximum effectiveness.

Awning Lights

Don’t let a lack of illumination cut your enjoyment short. Whether visiting with friends or curling up with a good book, smart lighting solutions will have you enjoying the outdoors, even after dark. LED lights make a smart, energy efficient option for any awning.

Whether your awning requires an inspection, or you simply want to ensure your latest accessory is properly installed, visit the team at Designer Coachworks. We’ll have you on the road and made in the shade in no time. Call us today for an estimate.

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